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"Vic provides me with counsel on my financial affairs, reviews my medical records, and maintains my housing needs. I have been treated with utmost respect and I know he is a trustworthy person."

-Stephanie H.



Our Mission 

Our logo represents the mission of iffs Eldercare Consultants, LLC and the services we provide to our clients. 

We based our logo on two natural and living things – the egg and pine cone. The egg reminds us of nest eggs, protection, self-containment, and having all needs met for health, well-being, and the future. The pine cone protects the seed from the elements and is an integrated covering. The egg and pine cone combined symbolize protection, support, security, and integrity.

iffs Eldercare Consultants, LLC promises our services will be provided with the utmost integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. We are bonded and insured for our clients' protection.

Management Team 

Vic Bible, President, has more than 35 years of experience in the health insurance and banking industries, and as an advocate for his clients' physical and financial well-being.

Lee Barrett, Executive Vice President, brings his 30 years of insurance and healthcare marketing and strategic planning, medical technology, HIPAA, and e-Health practices, claims, customer service, and information systems, to iffs Eldercare Consultants, LLC. 

References are available upon request. 


Professional Fees 

An initial one hour consultation is free to our clients. Most services are billed at an hourly rate, however some fees are based on the specific service(s) required. In addition to those listed on the Services page, we can customize our services to provide exactly what our clients need. For further information about our range of services and fee schedule, contact us. 


iffs Eldercare Constultants, LLC has formed partnerships with reputable subject experts, including Chartered Financial Consultants, Certified Public Accountants, Elder-Law Attorneys, to provide our clients with the additional personalized advice they might need.


We are located in Simsbury, CT, a suburb approximately 10 miles northwest of Hartford. Our mailing address is: 

P.O. Box 186
Simsbury, CT 06070-0186

Proud Member of:


Elder Care Financial Management CT

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Management Team

Vic Bible, President of iffs Eldercare Consultants, LLC began the company after more than 20 years' experience with clients under the Connecticut Statutory Power of Attorney – Short Form and appointment as Health Care Proxy. He obtains clients’ personal information through interviews and record data gathering to provide appropriate federal and state agencies with the required information. He interfaces with Connecticut (CT) Department of Social Services (DSS) to file Title XIX (Medicaid) applications; maintains required records and financial data for annual reviews; communicates directly with case managers; attends hearings under the Right of Appeals process. Also, Mr. Bible has been appointed to serve as a Conservator of Estate and Conservator of Person by the CT Court of Probate.

Mr. Bible reviews available healthcare providers to meet the clients’ medical requirements; monitors financial matters in order to develop monetary goals; advises clients on all aspects of Medicare programs (Part A, B, C, and D). At the community level, he gathers client information for Rent Assistance Housing Authority – Section 8 application.

Whether it is a hospital, rehabilitation facility, nursing facility, or home, Mr. Bible facilitates clients’ transitions of care. Providing Elder Care Financial Management and Elder Care Healthcare Management services is something he is genuinely passionate about. Further, he completes admission applications with facility’s staff. He offers insight and recommendations for outpatient services such as home care aide or private duty nursing, when necessary. Provider agency comparisons are developed to assess private payer and other Elder Care Financial Management that may be beneficial to the client. He works with the Agency on Aging to research available federal programs offered to assist clients in their daily living needs. He reviews Medicare, Medicaid and private healthcare policies for appropriate charges for services rendered as a client advocate.

Mr. Bible directs clients’ financial matters (i.e. checking account, savings account, etc.) to ensure adequate funds are available to meet the daily money management for paying invoices and to assure available cash is present. Additionally, he advises clients on asset management strategies and recruits professional advisors, when required.

Prior to starting iffs Eldercare Consultant, LLC, Mr. Bible acquired over 15 years of management experience in the health insurance industry with United HealthCare. As a Director and Senior Business Analyst, he managed support for major national clients for the distribution, policy interpretation, delivery and claim administration for a full spectrum of healthcare plans. He insured policy compliance while interfacing with clients’ management teams and individual employees. He represented the National Account Division in the development and implementation of a corporate in-house customer database which houses all client benefit plans and administrative records.

At Bank of New England, Mr. Bible served in management positions for more than 20 years. He was responsible for processing a multimillion dollar payroll function covering 1200 employees. He directed the hiring of exempt and non-exempt personnel and conducted employee orientation where he explained corporate benefit programs. Mr. Bible prepared employee retirement benefit calculations in conjunction with the actuary; participated in negotiating corporate welfare benefit plan revisions with vendors; conducted on-site compliance healthcare and welfare plan audits with the insurance carriers.

Mr. Bible is a veteran of the U. S. Air Force. He is Past President of the Bridgeport Jaycees and Simsbury Lions Club. Currently, Mr. Bible serves as a Commissioner on the Aging and Disability Commission in Simsbury, CT. He holds a Usui Reiki Master Certificate.

In addition to his position at iffs Eldercare Consultants, LLC, Lee Barrett has been Executive Director of The Electronic Healthcare Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) since its inception in 1993.  He has 10 years leading healthcare professional services organizations including PricewaterhouseCoopers, SAIC, Covansys and Virtusa. He has 13 years in senior management roles in payer organizations including, Travelers and Aetna. He has also been in senior leadership for the American Dental Association Business Enterprises Inc. (ADABEI), the for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of the ADA, a provider organization.

He has led several healthcare software/services development companies including: MBEXX, Claredi, HealthEC and others in which many he facilitated their growth and acquisition.   He has served as chairman of WEDI, and ASCX12N Insurance Subcommittee, serves on the eHi Leadership Council and DirectTrust Board and has been on a number of other industry board roles. He continues to work on key HIT industry initiatives that lay the foundation for health information technology - including support and implementation of key healthcare legislative mandates and speaks nationally regarding security, privacy and cybersecurity risk management/assessment and mitigation strategies and tactics. 

Additionally, he has been named the 2016 and 2017 Top 50 Health Information Executives by Health Data Management (HDM).


iffs Eldercare Consultants, LLC is bonded and fully insured for our clients protection.